The Black Widow CrossFit Team

Meet the Team that is Dedicated to Your Success

our founder

Tyler and Liz

Tyler and Liz started Black Widow CrossFit to build a supportive community of people striving to improve their health and fitness. With a combined 15 years of CrossFit experience and extensive CrossFit training, as well as leadership experience in the business community, they are committed to providing a lasting and proven program to those who are ready to take the next step to improve their lives.

Liz joined CrossFit after her two children were born. A long-time runner, she found it difficult to “get back on the wagon” with two young babies at home and a full-time, demanding career. As a result, her health and fitness hit a major set back. “I was so frustrated with myself. There was just no good time to go for a run! I didn’t know how to fix it on my own. There was one false start after another, one bad diet after another, until finally I found CrossFit.”

Tyler dabbled in CrossFit while in the military, but it didn’t really take hold until he left the service. “I couldn’t find a routine that would keep me going on a regular basis. I was gaining weight, getting out of shape, and my doctor was telling me that I needed to find something. I went to a CrossFit gym with a friend and really enjoyed it. I joined the next week…that was 6 years ago.”

Black Widow CrossFit is bigger than just a gym. It’s an entire community of people working together, supporting each other, and providing a positive space for everyone to grow healthier and stronger.

our coaches

Paul Cunningham

Paul started his professional coaching career at the age of seventeen in Orlando, FL. After working for two years as an independent NSCA-certified personal trainer, he completed the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Tactical Strength and Conditioning Program. With this certification under his belt, Paul began working as a tactical facilitator in fire and rescue training.

It was only a matter of time before he took an interest in CrossFit. After passing the CCFC evaluation, he moved on to become CPR certified and became a CrossFit Level 4 Coach. Paul is currently a full-time coach at Bolt CrossFit and loves working with results-oriented clients.

Emily Philips

Emily comes from a yoga background. With her certification from Yoga Alliance USA, she taught Hatha and Ashtanga yoga in Brandon to pay for her studies. After completing her Master of Science in Exercise and Nutrition Science at the University of Tampa, Emily switched gears. She completed a group fitness instructor certification from the American Council on Exercise, which introduced her to CrossFit.

Emily completed her Certified CrossFit Coach evaluation Level 1 and Level 2 instructor certification through Black Widow CrossFit. She is an instructor at Black Widow CrossFit and well on her way to passing the Level 3 exam.

Liz Reynolds

Liz has been a competitive swimmer since the age of six, and she coached swimming through college. The objective of her health and fitness efforts was always to improve her swimming, especially at the collegiate level. Because CrossFit uses functional movements that help in translating speed and power in the water, Liz decided that CrossFit was the best option to strengthen her core.

She joined Black Widow CrossFit as a client, but she quickly became hooked and completed the CCFC evaluation and Level 1 Instructor certification. Currently, Liz is an assistant trainer at Black Widow CrossFit, and she is enjoying every moment.

Diane Albert

Diane is a dietician with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics from the University of Florida. Because of her passion for healthy living, she decided to apply her knowledge in the field of sports by providing clients with fitness and nutrition coaching.

Her love of CrossFit motivated her to become an instructor as well, and she is currently a CrossFit Level 1 trainer at Black Widow CrossFit. When Diane is not helping CrossFit trainers, she is developing nutritional care plans for the elderly to optimize their quality of life.

Jan Gordon

Jan Gordon is a full-time teacher in Sterling, VA, with a keen interest in child development and early education. She realized early in her career that children with active lifestyles perform better in the classroom, and that exercise promotes happiness and health.

As a CrossFit trainer, Jan decided to integrate her love of teaching with her training knowledge and proficiency. She completed the CrossFit Kids Certificate Course through Black Widow CrossFit, along with her CCFC evaluation and Level 1 Instructor certification.

Eric Tayler

Eric is a NASN-licensed sports nutritionist and has an NCI Hormone Specialist Certification. As a nurse, Eric’s full-time job is helping patients recover from lifestyle diseases, such as Type II diabetes and obesity. He is also passionate about CrossFit and helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

When Eric is not caring for patients, he is helping CrossFit clients at Black Widow CrossFit as a Level 1 instructor. He loves mountain biking and spending his weekends with his dogs at the beach.